Gidgegannup Equestrian Association 

 Adult Riding Club

16th February 2020

Gidgegannup Showgrounds

Entry off Old Coach Road


Bookings close Friday 7th February
(or when full)

Rally Coordinators:

Tracy Dow 0412 778 343

Cheryl Wise 0402 410 96

*Helmets must be worn when lunging, taking part in groundwork, and whilst mounted. Gloves are recommended for lunging and groundwork.

EFT REF:  feb16-Initial & Surname:


7 am

Set up

8 am

Lessons start  (to try & beat the heat)

Spa Treatments will be scheduled around lesson times

Practitioners: Chiro by Kevin Kelly & Saddle Fitting and Emmett Therapy by Susan Hilbert

11.00 am

Pack up

11.30 am 

Show Prep Demonstration 

by Beth Noble from Nags to Riches

Beth will have some awesome products for sale

12.30 pm


Lunch Menu

$10  (includes a soft drink) 

Mix of cold meats and chicken plus a selection of delicious salads

BYO Poison

Greg Steemson Liversage Saddles Australia will have a trade stand at the rally

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Anna Latto. Maggie Cappon and Catherine Trindall 

Start at 8am set up 7am.

AM: Flatwork, Intro to Working Equitation or Groundwork

*Helmets must be worn when lunging, taking part in groundwork, and whilst mounted. Gloves are recommended for lunging and groundwork.

SPA Treatments

Treatments will be scheduled around your lesson times

Please book your treatment on the booking form however payments are to made directly to the provider

Chiro with Kevin Kelly $40

Saddle Fitting and Emmett Therapy by Susan Hilbert

 Saddle Fit at discount rate $120.

 Saddle Assessment only for $50

(to advise if saddle needs fitting or is suitable for their horse.) 

Emmett Therapy $70

Susan Hilbert is a fully qualified Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia (ASFA) Saddle Fitter. One of just two saddle fitters who currently hold this Accreditation in Western Australia. 

 As an Independant Saddle Fitter, Susan is trained to fit all types of saddles from Dressage and Jumping to Western and fits all makes and models. 

 Susan will be available for saddle fitting at the rally at a discounted price for our club members. 

If you would like to make a booking for a saddle fit prior to the rally contact Susan on 0419036257. 

 Susan is also a qualified Emmett Therapist for Horses and People and an Instructor for the Emmett Technique. Bookings for Emmett Therapy are also available at a discounted price for the spa day.

Equine Emmett Therapy and Saddle Fitting

EFT REF:  feb16-Initial & Surname

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Cancellation Policy: If a member books into a rally and withdraws prior to closing date – a refund will be given. If a member books into a rally and withdraws after the closing date, a refund will be given only if a vet or doctors certificate can be presented. If withdrawing on the Friday/Saturday prior to rally or on the morning of the rally please contact the Rally  Coordinator's mobile as listed on the rally form (please refrain from emailing or posting on Facebook as it is unlikely to be read after hours leading up to rally).

Cancelled Bookings:  Monies owing from cancelled events will be credited to the member's account. Money will not be held over to transfer to another event.

Refunds will only be available for 7 days after the rally date so all paperwork and bank details need to be emailed to us to enable this to happen

Helper Duties Rules: If a member rides they MUST complete their assigned helper duty (or organise someone as a replacement). If you fail to complete your helper duty you may be refused your next rally booking. If a member has booked into rally, has been assigned a job and withdraws from the rally notifying rally contact, the committee would appreciate if you can still complete your helper duty but will endeavor to reassign it if this is not possible. If a member is booked into the rally and does not turn up on the day (therefore does not complete assigned job) without notifying rally contact person(s) they may be refused their next rally booking.



Booking & Payment Options:

EFT Details: Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633-000
Account No: 150137297
Account Name: Gidgegannup Equestrian



With so many rallies and events this year, it can become difficult to track payments when they are made late and/or the incorrect reference is used, therefore we will no longer be chasing members for payments, you will simply not be booked in!

Rally Fees are required to be paid when you submit your booking, if payment is not received by the closing date your booking is NOT secured and you will NOT be included in the Rally Groups.

Payment References need to be event specific; please do not just put your name or list the bank receipt number, ie for this rally it should be: feb16-Initial & Surname:
If your payment reference cannot be linked to your booking form we may not have secured your spot.

The committee are all volunteers who work extremely hard to ensure your club runs efficiently - please help us by doing your bit.